LED Headlight Conversions

NW Running Boards/LINE-X has been around since 1970

HID Headlight Conversions

If it has a bulb in it we can make it an LED. Convert your fog lights, headlights or driving lights to LED (Light Emitting Diode) These are high quality ISO certified units with up to a five year warranty! There are allot of kits out there these days and the range of quality varies dramatically. Upgrading to LED headlights will instantly make you a better driver by increasing your visibility at night. Imagine its a sunny day……is it easy to see? We use 6000k (white ) bulbs to Project brighter light further out. Broadening your peripheral coverage not only presents things you normally wouldn’t see, but it increases the amount of reaction time you have. The sooner you notice potential hazards in the road, the sooner you can react. Do you know what bulbs you have? Use the bulb finder to find out what bulbs you need! Click Here

Can you see us? We can see you! We use these kits in our own vehicles! You are buying a 100% vehicle specific kit that comes with the best warranty on the market today. We pride ourselves with performance, quality, price and craftsmanship! Professional installation! We have been serving the great Northwest since 1970! Prices start at 200.00